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The ordinary water flushing device uses water pressure to wash away the residue between the teeth, but the water column flushing method is too strong, which is likely to cause gum damage. The aerodynamic flushing device uses a high pressure pump valve assembly to mix the water flow into the air. Umbrella-like jets can reduce the problems of gum damage, gingival emergence, and needle puncture that may be caused by the impact of pure water flow. Okelin's air dynamic water flow technology can greatly reduce the discomfort during the flushing process while ensuring cleanliness

The first time you use it, you may experience discomfort or bleeding. This is normal. As your gum health improves, the discomfort will disappear. If the bleeding is heavy or the bleeding continues after 3-4 weeks, consult your dentist.

Download the "oclean" APP in the major application markets, open the APP and put the dental device close to the phone, and add the device.

WaterJet™ adopts the industry's new aerodynamic aerobic teeth flushing technology, which can achieve strong momentum with a very small demand. Each time 30ml of water is filled, it can meet the need for two minutes of flushing.

The body of the tooth punch comes with 3 levels of strength, level 1 is manual, and water is sprayed once by one press; level 2 is automatic, and it can be sprayed continuously by pressing once, which is also the default use position of the machine; For the defined automatic gear, there are 6 optional power levels after connecting to the APP. You can choose the appropriate strength gear according to your own needs.

Regular nozzle replacement: In order to maintain the cleaning effect and hygiene, the nozzle is replaced every 4-6 months. If the nozzle cannot be installed and used, it needs to be replaced immediately. Develop good hygiene habits and clean the nozzle after use and place it in a dry place.

It takes about 3 hours to fully charge the Oclean W1. During the charging process, the button will have a breathing light. When it is fully charged, the button light will always be on to remind the charging is complete.


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